Shot and Edited

Shot and edited

Provided Video and Photos

Camera Op For Coachella Providing Slow Motion Beauty Shots and B-Roll

Visuals I Created for YNGCULT's Live Shows for their song Sides of War

Visuals I Created for YNGCULT's Live Shows for their song Stealth

Content I captured and edited for the Low End Theory Festival

Slo Motion Camera Op for Goldenvoice

Preview of the Global Citizen's Festival Program I edited for the  iTunes store

Sizzle Reel I Made for Owl City's behind the scene feature for their DVD that I shot and edited

Promo I made for the Jazzfest Webcast 

Promo Video for AEG Network Live which I used to be creative director for. I helped shoot and created some motion graphics for.

Sizzle Reel I edited and captured B-Roll for Network Live

Highlights from this years All Points West held in New Jersey on Liberty Island I edited for Network Live

Sizzle Reel for ACL 2009 I edited for Network Live

Promo Piece I shot and edited for Samsung at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas

I was watching Adventure Time on silent and Kendick Lamar came on and it synced pretty well so I had to edit this real fast for fun!

This was my Senior Exhibition Piece at UCI. It is a standing video filter sculpture made of wood, plexi-glass and PVC pipes. The filter averages the colors in each of the circular PVC pipes and pixelates the whole image. The colorized war footage is projected on the back to view the video source of the modulated image, but the video also reflects off the back to be projected onto the wall. This was not intended but makes it easier to view from a single viewing point. The video being projected is colorized and layered war footage of every war the US has been involved in starting from WWII accompanied by ambient music. The purpose of this installation was to create beauty, using the most horrifying images and focusing on the color and form rather than content.